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Lessons On Seva Sadhana - Seva Dhal Conference, Nov. 19, 1981.

Society is the coming together of people. Cooperation among people in a society, motivated by spontaneity and by pure intentions, is the hall-mark of seva (service). Seva can be identified by means of two basic characteristics' Compassion and willingness to sacrifice.

Service and Sadhana - Jan. 23, 1983

Living in this land of Bhaarath with its rich rewarding culture but yet not absorbing its broad all-inclusive insight, not delving into the secrets of its survival and freshness, how can any one achieve progress and ensure the peace and prosperity of the world? Uttering the voice of peace while shattering by deeds all hopes of establishing it can only be termed as deceiving oneself. World progress is not an abstract ideal; it means series of concrete achievements in the community of nations, the diversity of societies and the entities of individuals. Each of these has to march forward to the same goal, in concord and with cooperative effort.

Service without distinctions - Nov. 18, 1984

Through right action one achieves purity of heart which leads to the acquisition of jnaana (the higher spiritual knowledge). When right action is coupled with Jnaana, there is true service. To feel that one should be the sole enjoyer of the results of one's actions is a sign of selfishness. It is naive to think that one alone is the doer of one's actions. All the things in the world are not intended for the exclusive enjoyment of any single person. They are to be shared by all.

Seva is the highest Sadhana - Jan. 20-25, 1985

HUMAN beings have forgotten their true nature and are behaving like demonic creatures. Though they call themselves as human beings, they do not know the essence of human qualities. Today's educational system emphasises textbook knowledge and ignores morality and character. Seventy percent of the world's population consists of 'youth', who are the potential leaders of tomorrow. Unless they are properly trained to take up their role in the future, the society, the nation and the world will not progress in peace.

Students and Seva - May 13, 1985

The process of education involves the process of self-control and self-denial. No person is free to live as his impulses prod him. Even the impulses are the products of unseen and unknown impacts, of previous lives and the pressures--social, cultural and economic---of this life. The impulse for action and the nature of action are determined by various hidden factors. As a result, when one claims that he has achieved or accomplished something, he is only revealing his pride and his ignorance. Man is so bound by circumstances and conditions that he cannot act independently of society, of cultural traits and of the will of the Supreme.

Sadhana and Seva - July 7, 1985

You have worked very hard in your life discharging worldly duties and come to Prashaanthi Nilayam, seeking rest for the body and peace for the mind. That being so, it might look strange if you were asked to undertake some kind of work here also.

Born to Serve - Nov. 19, 1987
Rendering Service selflessly
with a compassionate heart
Is alone true Service.
One is bound to attain peace
If he serves in a friendly spirit
This is the truth
This is the truth.
Love God, fear Sin, serve Society - Nov. 21, 1987

The body is the vesture which the mind has assumed for its functioning and growth. The thoughts and experiences of various previous lives are imprinted on the mind. When the mind is filled with good thoughts, there is nothing beyond its reach. Thoughts give rise to actions. Actions produce habits. Habits mould one's character. And character decides one's destiny--for good or ill. Hence thoughts are the basis for one's misfortunes or enjoyments. There is no greater blessing than having good thoughts. Association with good persons promotes good thoughts.

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"Selfless service is the recipe for experiencing the oneness of mankind. It is the way to transcend the ego. For whose sake are you performing service? For your own sake. You do this to become aware of the atma within you....to answer the question 'Who am I'?" Sathya Sai Baba